Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Keri featured on Nutrition Podcast with Jimmy Moore

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why eggs are good for your heart!
A few weeks back, Keri was asked to be a guest on the podcast, "Low Carb Conversations with Jimmy Moore and Friends."  The podcast of episode 55 is available for free on iTunes and on this website.  This episode discusses research studies on egg consumption and cholesterol, obesity statistics, and emerging food products and trends.  

Jimmy Moore is a SC resident and low-carb blog/podcast expert.  He is hosts forums for the experts in the low-carb and nutrition community to discuss research, life experiences, and the headlines of our time.  Find out more about Jimmy's free podcasts and blogs, visit this website.  

The other voices on the show include: Mindy Noxon Ianotti and Jolene Park.  

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