Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hearty Winter Oatmeal

This my current favorite morning oatmeal.  It's filling, colorful, and packed with flavor.  Serve with scrambled, free range, vegetarian fed eggs to start your day off right!  

Steel cut oats are less processed
than traditional rolled or quick
cooking oats.  Less processed foods
have more nutrients in tact.

Steel cut oats 
Apples (1/2 medium sized apple per person)
Cinnamon to taste
Grape, Cherry or Pomegranate fruit juice, not from concentrate and no sugar added (not sugar free)  
Filtered Water
Raw walnuts, chopped (1 tbl. per person)  
Blueberries (2 tbl. person)*  
Drizzle of honey, to taste

Unsweetened (no sugar added)
 juices are different from sugar-free juices
because they contain natural fruit sugars
and do not contain artificial sweeteners.
1.  Cook steel cut oats according to package directions.  
2.  Place apples in an appropriate sized sauce pan and cover halfway with fruit juice and cover the rest of the way with water.  Simmer over medium heat until liquid reduces to 1/4.  Stir occasionally.
3.  Toast walnuts at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
4.  Combine steel cut oats, simmered apples, walnuts, blueberries and a drizzle of honey to taste.  Serve immediately.  

*To eat in season, freeze blueberries harvested during the summer and thaw out before use.  

Recipe created by Keri Rogers... Keri is an internationally Registered Yoga Teacher, Culinary Nutritionist, and Wellness Coach.  She owns and operates BAYA Wellness, LLC offering Yoga and Nutrition Services.  Keri teachers both privately and publicly around the Greenville area offering on-going classes and special events.  Her path as a nutritionist is all about making healthy living approachable... she teaches the components of healthy cooking, eating, and thinking while also offering specialized services like menu planning.  Healthy living is about the whole pictures of wellness... find your path to living well.

BAYA... Be As You Are!

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