Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Poem about Yoga

This poem was written by an amazing woman and student, Miranda O'Brien. She beautifully describes her relationship with her yoga practice. After six months of yoga practice for two hours per week yoga has become an integral part of her life. 

Taking that first step towards finding peace and greater health can be so hard. But once you take that step, this practice has so many amazing tools to offer you. It's awareness practices Yoga simply helps to awaken what already lies within you! 

My Eye's Heart

Forms, breathing, choreographed
Moments: but so much more.
Not only physicality - meditations, or chants,
But, touching your own divine spark and embracing the universe, 
feeling it's heavenly, thrumming heart beat.

Realizing your own peace with yourself and the world. 
Finding acceptance and love for yourself and others.
Knowing serendipity on a first name basis.
Balance within 
Balance without,
My yoga. 

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