Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Five Things You May Not Know About Yoga

A random top 5 on the ins-and-outs of Yoga practice...

1. Yoga is great for your health overall. It's a holistic way of mixing and synching the mental, physical and spiritual dimensions of living. Yoga asana (physical practice) helps to create health in the body and reduce pain.
2. It's not all fairy-dust and infinite bliss, yoga is a serious practice that should be performed safely. Find a qualified or Registered Yoga Teacher near you to work with an educated guide.
3. You get the most out of Yoga if you practice at least 2-3 times per week at the minimum. Take a little time every day to breathe deep and be present in your body..
4. Yoga is a detoxifying practice. Asana can be like a massage to the tissues of the body while interacting with several organic systems (like the nervous system). Wait for atleast 30 minutes after class then drink two glasses of warm or room temperature water to rehydrate your body.
5. Your yoga practice should be all about you! It's one time in life when you're really invited to nourish the roots of your own being. Move a little slower if you want to. Hang out in child's pose for half the class. Be you... Yoga is about listening to your own being to create homeostasis. From that place of balance we are better partners, family, and friends to the people and communities we serve. Exercising through yoga or any other form several times a week is fantastic self-care that benefits the world around you! :-)

Article by Keri Marino owner of Yoga Unique. Check out the new website here: Yoga Unique

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