Sunday, June 30, 2013

Yoga Therapy and PTSD

This past weekend while at Yoga Therapy Teacher training at the Asheville Yoga Center we had a panel of speakers visit our classroom. These individuals were all regular people just like you and I. They each had a history of traumatic injuries and experiences, previous addictions, and co-morbidities. All of them had experienced tremendous gains by bringing yoga into their life. They claimed improvements in energy levels, reduced pain, and ability to reduce intake of medications. These same women also admitted to having experienced discomfort and/or set backs from practicing yoga in an inappropriate way. For example, not honoring the needs of the practitioner (you!) and being ego driven. In my experience It's important to practice yoga with a lot of mindfulness. The healing tradition of yoga is an incredibly powerful practice of transformation. It's the practice of getting to know yourself and is best when practiced with a trained yoga teacher or therapist.

I heard through the yoga community that June is PTSD Awareness Month so here's a clip about some of the research of yoga and treatment of PTSD. 

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