Sunday, April 28, 2013

Yoga Offers Relief for those with Low-Back Pain

According to a research study by the National Institute of Health, Yoga provides relief for those suffering with low-back pain when conventional health care has been unable to offer any relief. Recent studies suggest that a carefully adapted set of yoga poses can reduce pain in the back and promote quality of life. I love this video because it not only suggests it's healing capacity AND it emphasizes the importance of practicing yoga safely. When you are truly practicing yoga you are intuitively listening to and attending to the needs of your body and mind. Over years of practice I've realized that not every body should do every yoga pose, breathing practice, mantra, etc. We are all unique and ever changing. Our yoga practice should be a constant evolution that honors where we are in the present moment. Research like this is such a great affirmation that yoga with right application heals! :-) 

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