Monday, November 12, 2012

An Abundance of Yoga Bolsters Now Available

BAYA Wellness bolsters feature
two handles for easy portability.
Restorative Yoga has a warm fuzzy place in my heart... It's the style where the only thing that matters is relaxing. Your body and mind become so calm that you enter into your own quiet peaceful space. In these poses your thoughts slow down and the body releases stress. These postures are designed to promote relaxation, relieve pain and discomfort, calm the nervous system, and gently promote the body's immune system.
feature a zip-off cover
that is machine

If you haven't tried restorative yoga yet... maybe it's time you did!  

Yoga props really help to enhance the restorative poses. A bolster will help you to open your chest, breath more deeply, and relax all at once. 

The supportive yoga bolsters created by BAYA Wellness, LLC are round bolsters and are great for use in any posture. Round bolsters are especially good for poses which open your chest and support the sides of your waist.  These plush yoga bolsters are surprisingly lightweight (less than 3lbs) and are built to hold their shape for years. Every bolster comes with a beautiful machine washable cover with a bold colorful print. The covers have two handles for portability, and a zipper so that it is easily removed.  

Current Color Options:

Cloud Blue

 Tree Hugger


Bright Spirit


Native Sunflower

Soothing Blues

Deep Ocean 


Check out the bolsters at BAYA!

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