Saturday, December 17, 2011

Upcoming Workshops


December 31st from 2-4pm with Greenville Yoga located on Augusta Rd
Calming the Spirit:  Restorative Yoga $20
Restorative Yoga is a nourishing and gentle practice that helps to renew the body and mind. Learn simple relaxation techniques to unwind deep seated stress, calm the mind, and deepen the breath. We pull out all the props (literally) in Restorative Yoga. We'll use bolsters, blankets, and blocks to bring you into a Yogic state of bliss and deep rest. Perfect for all levels and students with injuries and physical limitations. 


January 7th from 2-4pm with Greenville Yoga located on Augusta Rd
Understanding and Healing Digestion:  Yoga and Nutrition Workshop $20
This workshop will include an overview of the components of a healthy diet and how the digestive system works. Learn how a combination of Yoga and Nutrition can lead to a healthier functioning digestive system. 

Workshop includes:

  • The basics of digestion
  • Incorporating Yoga postures and nutrition to heal digestion
  • Healthy digestion tips
  • Q&A
January 28th from 10:15am-12:15pm with Westside Aquatic Center
Healthy Eating for Busy Individuals and Families:  Yoga and Nutrition Workshop $20
This workshop will offer you suggestions and tools for healthy eating that the whole family will approve of!  Enjoy an invigorating and relaxing Yoga practice followed by a nutrition discussion that will help you find a healthy path for you and yours!

Workshop includes:

  • Nutrition tips to make your everyday meals healthier
  • Ways to prepare quick and easy nutritious foods
  • The bascis of menu planning, food budgeting, and efficient cooking

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