Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holiday Healthy Eating Tips

In the craze of the Holidays sometimes our lives, our practice, and our mindful eating habits sometimes get derailed. Here are a few ideas to help you stay on track this time of year and always!

1. Before going to Holiday parties or a get together have a light snack.

2. Bring a healthy dish along, so that you know you have one health promoting option. Ex: Red Pepper Hummus with whole grain pita or Naan or Roasted Vegetables

3. Think of the food you consume as being raw or cooked. Try to eat only raw or only cooked food and give your body the ability to digest and assimilate the nutrients in your meal.

4. Get one plate with the things you really want - that way you don't go back for seconds and load up with all the things "you wish you'd had."

5. Let go of any expectations of loosing weight and hold onto the ideal of maintaining that wonderful healthy body of yours. The body understands and aims to manifest any negative or positive associations you make with it!

6. Slow down! Taste every bite... chew your food well!

7. Opt for Light Beer or Liquor with a soda or a small glass of wine - it's amazing how many calories a few beers, a fruity liquor drink, or big glass of wine can add to your daily intake. Even better skip the alcohol and having a warming cup of peppermint tea or chai!

8. No ice, please! Skip the ice to help promote digestion.

9. No matter what you eat - feel blessed for the nourishment and send gratitude out for the delicious food and drink.

10. Enjoy the company, the seasons, and remember that as with all things moderation is the key!

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