Thursday, December 17, 2009

Class Schedule Spring 2010

Hello all! I'm excited to be offering a lot of classes starting this January! You'll find that I teach group Yoga classes in three locations: Georgia Southern University RAC, Honey Bowen Community Center, and Ogeechee Technical College from beginner to advanced. In addition to group Yoga classes, I also teach private Yoga, breath work, deep relaxation, and meditation classes. I am also offering wellness consultations regarding nutrition, preparing meals, energetics of food, purchasing food, etc.
January 2010 and beyond
Private Yoga Clinics 8:30-9pm @ the RAC (last Monday of every month)
Advanced Rise and Shine Yoga 7-8am @ the RAC
All Level Yoga 12-1pm @ the RAC
Flow Yoga 6-7pm @ Ogeechee, $8 drop in
Rise and Shine Yoga 7-8am @ the RAC
Yin Yoga/Stretch 5:00-5:20pm @ the RAC
All Level Yoga 5:30-6:20pm @ the RAC
Community Flow Yoga 5:45-6:45pm @ Community Center, $5 drop in
Beginner Yoga 5:30-6:20pm @ the RAC
Yin Yoga/Stretch 6:30-6:50pm @ the RAC

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