Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Upcoming Local Events

Yoga Workshops

Yin and Yang Yoga Teacher Training/Student Intensive with Master Paulie Zink hosted by Dharma Yoga Studios May 13-15th.  During this workshop you can expect to learn about the differences between Yin and Yang Yoga, experience Taoist flow Yoga, and learn how to engage your bodies own energies to promote health, unity, and happiness.  Only $180.  Check out the details at

Food and Nutrition Events

ZiNG!  Wine Seminar and R.Stuart Wine Dinner with Patricia Rogers Ridgeway.  During this event you will learn all about the reactions of wine with the eight key elements in foods.   Learn an in depth perspective on food and wine pairing.  Hosted by Larkin's on the River April 27-28 at 6pm.  For more information check out

Upstate Spice of Life Show is a two-day interactive event featuring cooking demonstrations, healthy lifestyle information, nutrition, food buying and preparation tips, etc.  April 29-30th at the Carolina First Center from 9am-6pm.  Find out more information by visiting

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