Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Class Offerings!

Destination Yoga - a customized Yoga class delivered at your convenience to a destination of your choice.

We fit your:


Wellness-Minded perspective

Work Schedule

You name the destination and leave the rest to us!

Class Times:

Rise and Shine Yoga: One hour long class before the workday begins.

Your Yoga: One hour long class customized to your workplace and available at any time throughout the day.

Happy Hour Yoga: One hour long class after the workday concludes.

Short and Sweet Yoga: A minimum of a 30-45 minute class squeezed into your day.

Styles of Yoga:

Flow: An energetic practice linking movement with deep breathing. Stretches the major muscle groups through active movement meditation. Develops deep breathing and promotes flexibility.

Partner Play: A fun and less traditional Yoga class geared towards working with another and balance.

Restorative: A restful and rejuvenating practice geared towards slowing down and relaxing into the moment. Relieves deep rooted stress and is calming at it’s very nature.

Yin Yoga: A less active and slow moving practice geared towards stretching out the connective tissue in the body.

Workshops: A customized two-to-three hour session on Stress-Reliving, Mindfulness, Nutrition, Healthy Lifestyle habits, or a wide variety of Wellness topics that suits your specific needs.

Special Areas of Customization for Workshops or Classes:

Eating Disorders, Nutrition, Healthy Cooking, Green Living, Yogic philosophy and breathing, Managing stress, Family Health, and the stresses associated with Food Service, Running, Cycling, and Rock Climbing

Benefits of Yoga in the workplace:

Increases productivity

Increases mental alertness

Reduces Stress Levels

Increases Balance

Increases Flexibility

Reduces Repetitive Injuries

Promotes Health and overall Well-being

Reduces Blood Pressure

Weight Loss

Reduces Illness and absenteeism

Reduces Depression and Insomnia

Establishes Peace of Mind

Increases Satisfaction in Life and Work

Encourages Camaraderie

Enhances Awareness

Increases Energy

There are a variety of ways to fund Destination Yoga see the chart below. Each individual class is priced according to travel, number of students, and the funding option selected by employers. Prices may range from free to 15 per class for participants depending upon conditions.

Funding Options

Employer’s offer class free to employees as part of health benefits package.

Employer and employees share the cost of the Yoga class by each paying a portion.

Employees fund the class independently.

You Commit to Provide:

A quiet room that has a minimum of 21 square feet for each participant.

Contact us:

Keri Rogers (864) 430-1275

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