Saturday, May 22, 2010

The scoop

Hello loves! For those of you that have been wanting an update on my current teaching/job situation here goes...

I have already lined up a teaching job with Dharma Yoga Studio here in Greenville, SC

Check out their website:

Over the next few weeks I'm working towards branching out and teaching at other facilities including possibly Corporate Yoga.

I'm also going to be serving at a lovely fine dining restaurant in the heart of beautiful downtown Greenville called Larkin's on the River.

Check out the menu at:

My other plans including gathering research and completing literature reviews regarding Yoga and Wellness. Future plans include hosting Yoga workshops, and opening my own Wellness Coaching Business.

In addition, I am enrolled in two distance learning programs:

Spencer Institue: to become a Certified Wellness Coach.

Check it out:

Traditional Yoga Studies: a three year 800 hr course that thoroughly covers the history and philosophy of Yoga.

Check it out:

peace and love all!

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